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logoThe Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres (Kansalaisopistojen liitto KoL) acts as an umbrella organization for the adult education centres in Finland. KoL, founded in 1919, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) the main task of which is to improve and promote non-formal adult education and learning in Finland.

KoL carries out further training programs and development projects for the staff of adult education centres and sends out newsletters to its members.

KoL is represented in many committees, working groups and networks of adult education. An important objective of the association is to promote international relationships and to operate as a partner to international contacts.

KoL’s office is located in Helsinki, but the work is done all over the country.

Information on how to enrol as a student and for example finding a course of Finnish as a foreign language can be found here. Kansalaisopistojen liitto does not offer courses directly but don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any troubles finding a suitable course.

Contact information

Kansalaisopistojen liitto KoL –
Medborgarinstitutens förbund Mif ry
Annankatu 12 A 15
00120 Helsinki

tel: +358 (0)40 573 0189
email: toimisto (at)

Executive Director
Jaana Nuottanen

+358 (0)40 741 0641

Administrative coordinator
Viljami Wiirilinna

+358 (0)40 455 7276
viljami.wiirilinna (at)

PR officer
Lauramaija Hurme

+358 (0)40 573 1620
lauramaija.hurme (at)

Laura Ryymin

+358 (0)44 761 0700
laura.ryymin (at)